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Welcome to our Automated New Athlete Portal! Please follow the steps below to get started with All Athlete.

Step 1

Complete your Program Enrollment Form

 Our Customized Enrollment forms Provide assessments, goals, and expectations for your program.  Select the form for the monthly program you Purchased below. 


Step 2

Complete and Sign your Activity & Release of Liability Waiver

Once you have completed your enrollment form, our team will send you an email to Electronically sign your Activity & Release of Liability Waiver. We strongly suggest you fully read and understand the terms of the Waiver. Waivers must be signed before we begin your first session.

Step 3

Schedule your Free initial Coaching call with Coach Cam

On our initial coaching call, we will discuss your enrollment form, clarify your goals, set our expectations, and initiate the design of your custom program!

Please only schedule your call once you have completed your enrollment form and signed your Waiver. We will review your enrollment form together on our call.

Step 4

Join All Athlete on our Slack Workspace

Slack is a free communication platform we use on any browser, desktop, or phone app to instantly communicate with you and all of our All Athlete Members! We also like to give away monthly prizes, resources, and much more! Say hello via our #everyonewelcome Slack channel once you join our Slack community.

You Have Officially Completed 

Your Onboarding Process!

Hope this was a very smooth and simple process, see you on Slack!

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