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All Athlete Portal

Welcome to our Automated Onboarding Portal! Please follow the steps below to get started with your custom program.

Step 1

Complete your Program Questionnaire Form

 Our Customized Questionnaire Provides assessments, goals, and expectations for your program. This is an extensive form so please reserve time to fully complete it.


Step 2

Watch the Video Below

Step 3

Schedule your Kickoff Call with Cam!

On your kickoff call, we will discuss your enrollment form, clarify your goals, set our expectations, and initiate the design of your custom program!

Please only schedule your call once you have completed your enrollment form and signed your agreement. We will review them together on our call.

Step 4

Make Sure you Join our FREE Facebook Group!

In our FREE "Fitness Gems Unlocked" Fb Group, Cam will be giving out free tips, live trainings, and free giveaways to active members!


We may also direct you to information in the group for certain questions that you may have in the future!

You Have Officially Completed 

Your Onboarding Process!

Hope this was very smooth and simple!

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