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"All The Hard Lessons Earned To Execute"

Meet Our Founder

Coach Cam

Cameron Miller grew up in the Pacific NW with an active lifestyle participating in multiple sports. During his youth, he trained for 12 years to become a level 10 Junior Olympic gymnast. Cam began coaching Gymnastics to youth in 2013 and remains one of the most sought after youth gymnastics coaches in the Pacific NW to this day. 

After graduating from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science he wanted to optimize his own health and fitness journey. No Longer having a team, coach, or gym to help keep him accountable, he refined his own health and fitness lifestyle as an asset to provide him and his clients with a new level of health and well-being.

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Lindsey, Pre School Gym Parent

“We have truly enjoyed Cam being our daughter's coach. He is so kind and so very patent and meets kids where they are skill-wise.  I am very appreciative of his demeanor and approach to coaching. Cam has made Gymnastics something she enjoys and I so appreciate that!”

Donty, Recreation Gym Parent

"As the parent of a kid on the Autism Spectrum, it’s been magical to watch him grow and develop under Cam's patient instruction. His simple, patient redirection has been amazing. My son has become really passionate about gymnastics and that is in large part to Cam's acceptance of him and his encouragement of him to keep trying. He has an incredibly strong body and a very active mind. Thank you for being the coach who can be the bridge between them. Thank you for meeting him where he is at, and calling him forward. It’s one of the best hours of his week.  And mine!”

Donna Ahron, Meridian Park Elementary Kindergarten Teacher

"Coach Cam has an incredible gift working with Children. I hope he continues to use that gift to touch the lives of our little people. I feel blessed to have spent time with him. He is positive and calm but energetic. Thank you for working with my crazy class. We loved it!”

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